NAIR SERVICE SOCIETY SHARJAH Thousands of Nairs have immigrated to various parts of the world with more than twenty thousand families are in UAE. There has been only little effort, outside India, to bring the Nair families together. Nair Service Society Sharjah is founded mainly for building a platform for all Nair’s to join together based on the rules and regulations of UAE government . We shall not forget our home or family where we were born, and we should not abandon the community where we are a part of. It is our responsibility to safeguard the rich heritage of our community and share those with our generation and pass it on to the next generations at the same time we will convey the UAE’s rich culture and heritage to our children.

NAIR SERVICE SOCEITY SHARJAH (NSS SHARJAH) is an association of Indian expatriates working towards their welfare as well as uplifting individuals and families in the Emirates from all other communites also. Established on 24th March 2012, NSS SHARJAH is mainly focuses on charitable under takings.

In addition to various cultural and social activities, NSS SHARJAH extends aid to deserved people in UAE as well as in Kerala, India. Within the short span of one year, we have also managed to provide educational assistance and health care to the under privileged.

NSS Sharjah would like to compliment various religious and cultural organizations in their efforts to strengthen and wants to stretch our arms to help the less fortunate members of the Nair community through Nair Service Network.


The Nair Service Society, a synonym for selfless service and social commitment was founded by the late Sri. Mannathu Padmanabhan on 31 – 10 – 1914. It came into being at a crucial stage in the history of the Nair community which was facing a crisis brought about by disunity and blind adherence to outmoded customs, beliefs and practices. Nair community had a glorious past, but ignorance, accumulated over centuries, reinforced by inadequate education, proved disastrous for the community. Nair community’s predilection for celebrations and its penchant for ceremonial occasions fuelled by a strong affinity towards profligacy and extravaganza, contributed to the decline and downfall of this community. Gradual loss of land holdings, under-employment and unemployment due to lack of modern education completed the process of disintegration. It was at this juncture that Sri. Mannathu Padmanabhan took the initiative to unite the members of the Nair community and build up a great organization. The rest is history. He inspired them and gave them a dream, a dream of liberation from poverty, misery and ignorance. He set up hundreds of units of the N.S.S in his own unique way. With his persistence, tireless efforts, vision and farsightedness, the N.S.S opened an array of educational institutions, hospitals and other socially beneficial institutions all over the state.